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Rock Street, San Francisco

“Tiger” Double Ferrule Compression Tube Fittings provide leak proof torque free seals at all tubing connections. Likewise, you’d want to change the steel ferrules with PTFE ferrules if using the fitting with PTFE tubing. Like, a ¼” compression fitting was created to link a portion of tubing which includes an OD of ¼”. If the nut (which contains the ferrules) is tightened, it compresses the ferrules on the tubing to make the seal.

For reasons such as this, it is suggested to mix quality and compatibility tested tubing and fixtures, because also several microns of misalignment within the depth associated with tubing can make the tightening for the locking ring hard or impossible. These fixtures contain a human anatomy, nut, and sleeve (ferrule).

The product is ranked at -40°F to 200°F in available atmosphere, and ranked for 180°F in warm water applications. The spherical sleeve compression kind numbers 1A to 5 and Tables 1 to 3 is supposed for use with annealed copper alloy tubing per SAE J1149, Type 1. The flanged sleeve compression kind Figures 6A to 11 and Tables four to six is intended to be used with nylon tubing per SAE J844.

Made with 4:1 safety factor with respect to working pressure capabilities for the tubing utilized. This is the reason our tube fittings, are safe, durable with accuracy quality features. Create leaktight seals in gasoline or liquid service lines with your plugs. It involves the employment of pre-drilled components – which cannot easily be retrofitted – and is only appropriate some types of fittings.

It may be suited to standard compression fittings on brand new or current systems quickly and quickly, without requiring any modification, realignment or disassembly of components. Remember that most tubular metal is designated by its OD while most plastic tubing is designated by its ID (and often requires a plastic fitting to have a proper connection).

Compression fixtures can be purchased in three series, which is LL series, L show and S series. Compression fixtures are popular because they do not need soldering, so they really are comparatively fast and simple to use. Stainless steel compression fixtures may be the perfect solution for your issue. Compression fixtures work very well with rigid tubing such as for example PTFE or polypropylene.

Before deciding regarding material of your pipe fittings , it is best to consider the great things about the material. The material is rated at -80°F to 275°F and it has a functional heat range for fixtures of -40°F to 250°F. Just like using the barb fittings, compression fixtures also can help different tubes. Compression fittings are manually installed with wrenches and therefore are commonly used in applications involving liquids, atmosphere, or particular gases (depending on the application, they’ve been for sale in different metals or plastic materials, too for different certifications).

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